Sunday, August 12, 2012

Snacks on the road

We've seen countless corn fields on our journey, starting from quite small Polish ones in mid-July and ending up in fully grown Ukrainian ones now as we approach the middle of August. But today was the first time we met someone selling cooked corn on the cob on the roadside. Kaisa and Lina paid 5 gryvna each for a steaming hot snack, sprinkled some salt on it and sunk their teeth in the wonderfully fresh corn. 

It's quite seldom you find a roadside snack, especially one that's a traditional delicacy, that's suitable for vegetarians. Lina remembers fondly how she used to eat tons of corn as a child, but is quite silent on the matter of salo, raw pig fat which is a famous Ukrainian delicacy. 


  1. Salo is mostly smoked or salted - yummy!, so don't call it RAW just to make it sound disgusting :)

  2. Well that explains it, the guidebook called it raw and we were wondering how it could possibly not spoil in this heat. :)