Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Sunshine and raindrops

Today we've enjoyed the drama of typical Ukrainian summer weather: a fast-paced mixture of rainstorms, strong winds and sunshine. The morning looked gloomy and as we approached the first village in search of breakfast we were soaked. But soon the sun was out again, drying our wet clothes, and this routine continued the whole day.

The last forecast we saw before we entered the land of cheap roadside motels and no internet predicted more of the same for the coming days. So it looks like our shoes might not get dry before Odessa - Lina's already wearing plastic bags over her socks to keep her feet warm and dry(ish).


  1. SealSkinz, highly recommended. Keep your feet dry.

  2. Thanks for the tip! We'll see if we can locate some in Helsinki when we get home. :)