Friday, August 3, 2012

Sometimes you don't even need a road

As we've said so many times before, finding the right roads isn't always so easy. A good cycling road is quiet but goes through many villages, has good asphalt with wide shoulders and a suitable amount of hills, and isn't significantly longer than the main highway. This isn't an easy list of demands to fill, but during the last few days we've managed to find roads that meet all of them except the one concerning length. We've made quite some twists and turns in order to avoid the big cities and big roads criss-crossing Southern Poland.

So when Kaisa realized the "short-cut" she had chosen for us might actually turn out to be a 25-kilometer detour she did not feel happy. Her carefully laid-out plan, including sensible 100-110-kilometer days to and from cities with good campsites or hostels was falling apart in front of her. The bridge we were going to use to cross the Wisla river just wasn't there - the road was just going to end up in water.

But what did we see when we rolled to the shore? Maybe not the large ferry indicated in the sign, but a very cute little boat that had just carried two cars to our side. "Is it going to be able to carry our weight?" asked Kaisa, but Leka assured her that even with three bikes we wouldn't weigh as much as two cars.

So on we went, and paid 6 zloty to the boatman, and ended up safely on the other side. Who needs a boring old bridge when you get to cross a river like this?

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